Used Cars to Avoid

For most Canadians, finding a used car to buy can be quite stressful. Do you care to know what used cars to avoid?  We have compiled a list from Consumer Reports identifying which used cars to avoid? Consumer Reports is one of the most reliable places to conduct your research on the used cars that rate poorly.

The following is a list of some worst used cars on the market that you should avoid buying:

Kia Sedona

The Kia Motors line of vehicles struggles with a reputation of problems throughout North America.. Most people are attracted to the low purchase price, but with the general perception of poor workmanship, a used Kia Sedona would not hold up to heavy use.

Lincoln Navigator

This popular full-sized luxury SUV made its introduction in 1998, drinks gasoline heavily. With today’s fuel costs, a used Lincoln Navigator would just cost far too much to drive.

Pontiac Aztek

This midsize cross over SUV was introduced in 2001 with a high a price point for most consumers. These vehicles end up with rental companies or issued to executives. Most used Pontiac Aztek vehicles will have higher than normal mileage and require increased maintenance costs. Having being rated with poor performance reviews, this vehicle is not recommended.

BMW 7 Series

The BMW 7 series is as a full-size luxury sedan introduced in 1977. There have been four generations of the these cars, but all rank poor for handling and gas consumption.

Chevrolet Astro

The Astro is a mid-sized van introduced in 1985. It has received low rankings for crash safety with the passenger compartment collapsing upon an accident. The driver’s seat traps the driver with no option of escape. This is a definite used car to avoid.

Chrysler Town & Country (AWD)

Chrysler brought out the Town & Country minivan in 1990. Most reviewers report that the minivan has a performance life of three years before parts begin to fail such as the transmission.

Dodge Grand Caravan (AWD)

The Dodge Grand Caravan minivan was introduced in 1998. This model rates overall with poor performance and fuel economy and are the main reasons to avoid a used Grand Caravan.

Jaugur S Type

Rated as an overall poor performer, the Jaguar S Type is a used car to avoid. Parts are expensive, hard to come by and maintenance is far too frequent. It is a good looking model but will spend more time in the shop than out on the road.

The Saturn VUE

The Saturn line up rates well overall, however the Saturn VUE falls short. With both engine and transmission problems, the VUE falls into the lemon category and is rated as a used car to avoid..

Research is Key

Given the high price of vehicles today, the used car industry is continually growing. Do not consider all used cars to be “lemons”. Many are very much new with low mileage that have had good maintenance and care.

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