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Buying a used car isn’t easy because it may entail a series of future problems and financial headaches. That’s why a vehicle history report is an excellent choice for anyone who is buying a used car.

These reports give you the peace of mind with your purchase

Canadian Car Buyers Beware

There are many web sites and auto dealerships who claim to offer you the best car loans for bad or poor credit auto financing. This notice is for you. Buyer’s beware: Simply put, type in any keyword and you are given a list of web sites attached to a car dealership that claim to be your bad credit answer?. Read below as not all car dealerships are the same or do they have the correct staff or financing options.

The Real Story

These so called “Credit Specialists” typically have the every day car sales agent on staff answering the phone and treating each online customer the same as the every day walk in customer. This person may have a little experience with automotive finance and credit approvals but in actuality claim to be some credit guru. They have not seen and worked with the complexity of the special finance credit situation.

Lending Network

These auto dealerships also claim to have a network of special finance lenders. Typically, this is just not the case. They cannot offer you the best in finance terms and rates because they do not have the access to the variety of lending institutes and credit lenders.

Rebuilding Your Credit

Lastly, these “credit clinics” often offer loans and approvals that are not filed to the credit firms. What this does is keeps you from re-establishing your credit and in some cases could cause damage to your personal credit placing you in worst condition that what you are currently in

How We Help You

Ontario Car Financing Loans stands above by offering you a special finance associate team comprised of ex-bankers and financial agents with many years of experience in sup-prime and special finance negotiations. What this does for you is provide you with many options of approval while you build up your credit. When applying, you could be applying today and driving tomorrow. Let our team of professionals do what we do best

Apply Now : And be driving your best rated new or used car tomorrow.

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