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“Is applying for auto financing online, better than actually visiting my local car dealership?”

Car dealerships most often work with limited supply of banks and lending institutes where there is no competition. This causes the auto loan interest rate to be higher. With our service, you have access to over 65 lending firms, which allows for competition between lending companies. This drives down the interest rate as banks and lending institutes literally fight for your business. It is beneficial to check online financing rates before committing to a car dealership quote.

“We were discharged from bankruptcy a month ago. How do I find a financing company that help people with past credit problems? I know our credit has improved a lot since last year.”

You can apply online and your application will be be reviewed by our finance specialists and then negotiated with one of our lenders that specialize in financing after bankruptcy. Our arrangement with this lending network allows us to have up to 4 companies compete to approve you with the lowest rates possible.

“Can a person who has filed for bankruptcy still get an auto loan? And if so, how long must a person wait after filing prior to getting the applying for the finance?”

In some cases you are eligible for financing after the initial meeting of your creditors (341 meeting, first court date). In every case you are eligible immediately after the bankruptcy is discharged.

“I would like to know if there a minimum credit beacon score you need to qualify for a loan? I do not want to pull my credit report if not necessary.”

Our authorized special finance managers will determine which lender programs you qualify for. Our authorized financial team has access to lenders that ignore the credit score on your report and concentrate on your present abilities.

“Do you finance 100% on a new vehicle? I don’t have money for a down payment.”

There are zero down payment lending programs. You may also qualify for lending programs that require no down payment when purchasing a new car with a rebate or are offering a trade in, regardless of its condition.

“I have found a car that I want to purchase, but am having trouble securing auto financing. The used car dealer that I wish to buy from is licensed, but it is a private dealership. Are you able to help me?”

Our network of finance lenders are indirect lenders. This means that they only provide financing throughout our dealer partners. In your case we would locate your exact car and offer it lower then private dealers price. We have a car location service for all types of cars.