Car Dealer Guarantees on Used Cars

In Canada, car dealers are not required by law to offer buyers a used car guarantee. However, you will find most car dealerships provide a window sticker on each vehicle they showcase displaying some type of used car guaranty.

The window sticker displays information on each vehicle’s specifications but also should display any used car guarantees that the dealer is willing to offer.  This may range from a 30 day full warranty and return policy to a vehicle being sold in an “as is” state with no guarantees.  Some dealers may offer repair charges they are willing to cover in a certain time period.  Whatever type of guarantee the dealer is willing to offer, be sure to have a copy of this policy in writing.

In most cases it is a smart idea to purchase an extended warranty contract.  These contracts cover the repair and maintenance of a vehicle for a certain time period or mileage.  You can either purchase this type of warranty through the dealership or from the warranty provider itself.  Each warranty will vary in terms of the amount of coverage they provide based on the price of the warranty you purchase.  You may purchase a full bumper to bumper policy or just one that covers the drivetrain or engine of the vehicle.  Some policies offer to supplement any repair costs such as covering a rental vehicle or tow truck when your vehicle is in for repair.   Many used cars from a dealer are still covered under the remainder of the manufacture warranty.  You would be wise to inquire about an extended warranty coverage from the manufacture while you are still can.

In conclusion, if your sales rep tells you about any used car guarantees they offer, be sure to have them give it to you in writing.

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